Wordless cognitive awareness

This is the fourth stage of wordless awareness practice.  It is based on a deep understanding (cognition) of a topic that has been repeatedly tested by experience and stored as non-verbal compressive cognition in our memory.  Wordless cognitive awareness is attained by evoking the compressive cognition while in a state of wordless awareness.

Wordless cognitive awareness is the catalyst that activates our Buddha nature or potential for enlightenment and leads to the realization of transcendental truths such as suchness, emptiness or illusion.  Unlike the common level of realization (P: sacchikiriyā), this higher level of realization (P: abhisamayā, V: ngộ đạo) does not require an external stimulus such as a sight, sound or touch but is achieved while in a state of samādhi.

Wordless cognitive awareness, together with wordless self cognitive awareness, corresponds to the fourth stage of samādhi attained by the Buddha on his path to enlightenment.

V: nhận thức biết