Sharings from Sunyata students

From Christelle,
Toulouse, France, 2014

“I am proof that an ordinary woman or man (like me), with an ordinary life (husband or wife with children) can integrate the practice of meditation into his/her life… From time to time in my day, my mind is calm and quiet, without thinking! AND WHAT A NICE FEELING !!!!”

Testimony from Christelle

From Vérène Gaschen
Lausanne, Switzerland, 2015

“I think meditation is an opportunity offered to those seeking more wisdom and balance in their lives; – an opening to all that is possible.”

Testimony from Vérène Gaschen

From Yenha Chau
Adelaide, Australia, 2015

“Lately I found I have lot of joy sprout from my inner self without any reason. I am also full of energy even though I need to look after my sick father through the night. During sitting meditation most of the time my mind is calm and serene.”

Testimony from Yenha Chau