Six realms


According to Buddhism, the six realms are the six worlds that a being may be reborn into in the endless cycle of births, deaths and rebirths, in accordance with the law of karma.  The six realms are: Heaven realm (P&S: Deva-gati, V: Cõi Trời), War Gods realm (P&S: Asura-gati, V: Cõi A Tu La), Human realm (P: Manussa-gati, S: Manuṣya-gati, V: Cõi Người), Animal realm (P: Tiraccānayoni-gati, S: Tiryagyoni-gati, V: Cõi Súc Sinh), Hungry Ghost realm (P&S: Preta-gati, V: Cõi Ngạ Quỷ), and Hell realm (P: Niraya-gati, S: Naraka-gati, V: Cõi Địa Ngục).

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