What is Sunyata Meditation

Sunyata Meditation is a profound yet clear and effective practice, combining the essence of the Buddha’s process of enlightenment and of Early, Theravāda, Developmental and Zen Buddhism with findings from neuroscience.


Our Founding Master

Venerable Thích Thông Triệt had his major spiritual realization in 1989 and started teaching in 1995 in Oregon. His No-Talk technique of meditation brings about physical well-being, profound serenity, and spiritual wisdom.


2016 Seminar Program

The 2016 Program consists of public seminars, meditation courses and retreats conducted in Perris and elsewhere in the USA, Canada, France, Germany and Australia. Several are offered in bilingual format.

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Texts summarizing the teachings of Zen Master Thích Thông Triệt and other materials can be found under the "Teaching" menu item.

Meditation Techniques

Sunyata meditation techniques are based on relaxing the body and mind, maintaining wordless awareness and silencing the mind’s verbal chatter in all life activities.

Pilgrimage to India 2016

A pilgrimage to all Buddhist holy sites in Northern India will be organized for between 1 and 19 November 2016. It includes a meditation retreat at Bodh Gaya where the Buddha reached enlightenment.

Neuroscience Conferences

Taken of Master Thích Thông Triệt in deep meditation, scientific measurements using fMRI equipment were presented at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping conferences in 2010 in Barcelona and 2011 in Québec City.

Thanksgiving in Perris

Students and members of the sangha gathered in Perris to celebrate Thanksgiving. To our Master, the best way to express our thanks to the Buddha is to realize the Tathā mind and serve others.

Forthcoming Book Launches

Translations into English, French and German of the “Treatise on the Process of Spiritual Cultivation and Enlightenment of the Buddha” are being completed and will be launched shortly.